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FillQuick Dashboard

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Everything you need in one place

FillQuick Dashboard


View all the most crucial data about running your business in one, easy to use dashboard. You can see your sales numbers, installs, appointments, and more without hassle. Special reports can be generated in seconds.



Schedule appointments for technicians and sales reps with a few clicks. Techs automatically receive all the information they need to complete the installation and service the customer.

Automated recurring billing


Automated recurring billing saves you time

Once your sales rep closes the deal, they simply enter the customer account details into FillQuick and it automatically calculates their exact balance and charges them every month.

Inventory management


Never lose track of your inventory again. Our inventory management system tells you exactly what you have available at all times and updates changes in product levels in all your tech's vehicles. All they have to do is enter the information from their install and FillQuick does the rest.

What you get with FillQuick

FillQuick makes your entire team more effective and efficient so you can scale profitably.

eDoc Icon

eDocs Integration

Sales reps can generate eDoc agreements in FillQuick on the spot to sign deals. Ask us how to upgrade your account to get unlimited eDocs for just $25/mo.

Monitoring Station Icon

Monitoring Station Integration

Create customer accounts by entering the info into FillQuick. It automatically pushes their info online to the central station to begin monitoring and avoid double entry.

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Use Any Device

FillQuick’s responsive design works seamlessly on all phones, tablets, and computers so you and your team can access it anytime, anywhere.

Funding Icon

Funding Data

Track revenue from funding, holdbacks, and funded dates to accurately gauge profit and loss.

Payroll Icon

Automated Payroll

FillQuick handles payroll for sales and tech reps based on rules you set up to reduce wasted time and errors.

Payment Icon

Verify Credit Scores

Your sales reps can run credit checks instantly in real time to close deals faster.

CRM Icon CRM Icon


Store all the information about a lead or customer in one place, including notes, appointment results, and payment information.

Inventory Icon

Inventory Management

No more guessing games. FillQuick tells you exactly what you have, and logs equipment levels of your tech vehicles.

Scheduling Icon

Tech Scheduling

Sales reps and office staff can see tech availability for instant scheduling and calendar syncing.

Billing Icon

Automated Customer Billing

Enter the contract terms and payment information and FillQuick automatically charges customers monthly.

Support Icon

Expert Customer Support

Our friendly team of software engineers are available to help you 7 days a week by phone, email, or live chat, from 7am MT - 12am (midnight) MT.

Encryption Icon

Data Security

We use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, keeping your business and customer data secure with daily backups.

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E-Docs Integration

For an extra $25/month, enjoy unlimited templates and unlimited e-docs. FillQuick integrates with a third party API to autofill your e-contracts for you.

eDoc Icon
Electronic Docs

Customer reviews

FillQuick Inventory Management

Complete Inventory Management

Don’t lose any more profits to misplaced inventory. View quantities, add, remove, or transfer inventory at anytime. FillQuick empowers you to do it all, resulting in maximum revenue.

We Keep Your Data Secure

256-Bit Cloud Encryption

We keep your customer and business information safe by encrypting your information and storing it on your own Microsoft Azure database, located in the U.S. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, the same standard approved by the NSA and used by the U.S. government to protect information classified as Top Secret.

Connection security and encryption
FillQuick Payroll

Payroll Made Easy

See which sales reps and technicians need to get paid based on sales, installs, and funding. Set up your payout preferences and let FillQuick automate it.

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Frequently asked


Yes. Since the beginning, FillQuick was specially built solely with alarm dealers in mind. Every feature and tool is designed to help you run your alarm business better.

Yes. You can create custom account types and permission levels for various team members, such as sales reps, managers, technicians, and administrative staff.

For instance, when creating an account for a sales manager, simply use the sales representative account option and select the sales manager feature from his profile. This then gives the user to be able to build sales teams under them. From the sales team creator, this new manager will now be able to have sales people under him and associate a team to the manager.

Yes, FillQuick acts as a CRM, in addition to all the other features you need to run your alarm business.

You can create brand new leads and enter them into FillQuick. Sales people now have the ability to enter their customers as a lead from any smartphone, personal computer and set an ACTION for the lead. Actions are events such as calling the customer, or showing up to the home at specific dates and times. With the click of a button you can add these events to your google calendar.

Office staff might want to assign leads to sales reps and create actions for them. All this and more is built into our platform.

You assign sales reps to their associated sales managers. These sales managers typically get paid an override on their sales representatives sales. When doing payroll, FillQuick will automatically select the manager who is associated to the seller who got the sale and ask you if you want to pay an override to the respective manager on the account. Payroll has never been easier and more clean.
Yes. Your sales reps can sell deals and equipment upgrades while taking payment right in the field. We are currently integrated with so within one click, your customer is charged, your transaction ID shows, and the customer’s balance is $0.
You can have unlimited users on your company’s FillQuick account. Unlike other software, we do not charge you for each new user on your team. We know that being able to scale without being penalized by excess costs is crucial to a home security dealer.

Yes, electronic contracts and documents are crucial to making sales in the field. That is why we integrate with PandaDoc, which lets you write up deals and get them signed instantly.

For only $25 more per month, you can enjoy unlimited e-docs via our PandaDoc partner integration. Furthermore, we don’t charge you fees for each transaction, so you keep more money for your business.

No. FillQuick is a robust, secure cloud platform that lets you manage your business from anywhere. All you need to do is sign into your account online from your phone, tablet, or computer. No giant files to download that slow down your device.

Our professional, friendly support team is the best in the industry. As trained software engineers, they know how to diagnose and solve your problem in the best way possible.

You can reach our support team by calling (800) 749-8931 ext 2. Or by emailing Our support team is very responsive during business hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM (Mountain Time). And they are often able to respond outside business hours.

Yes, you can check credit right in the field, as long as you give your team permission.
We don’t believe in charging you extra for service calls like other companies do. Our best-in-class customer support is included in the price you’re already paying.
FillQuick is the most affordable, transparent investment you can make in your business. There is a one-time setup fee of $499. After that, it is just $59 / month. Finally, if you add more than 40 new customer accounts in a month, there is a one-time $1.50 fee per new customer after that (only for that month). That’s it, no hidden fees or surprises.
Onboarding and account setups can be scheduled very soon after you sign up with FillQuick. From start to finish, the entire process is usually completed within a few hours.


Affordable pricing that scales with you.

One-time setup fee of $499.

Your plan gets you access to all the FillQuick features above, including adding up to 40 new customer accounts each month for free. (Just $1.50 per new account after that).

Simple, fair and transparent pricing!

One plan.
Everything You Need.
Billing and Payments
Unlimited users
and everything else!

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