Service Tickets, Technician Scheduling And Google Calendar Integration

Let’s face it, things can go wrong with an account. A customer calls in upset that her alarm keeps going off and her back door keeps tripping it. What do you do?

Step 1: Pull Up The Customers Account

customer lookup

Step 2: Locate The Customer

customer account

Step 3: Click The Services Tab On The Customers Account, And Add New Service.

add new service

Step 4: Schedule Your Service With Our “Drag And Drop” Technician-Availability Scheduling Calendar.

service scheduler

Thats it, you are all done. This process takes no time at all. Instantly the technician will get a notification saying he/she has a brand new service ticket for the proper date and time scheduled.

Any monies that the technician collects on the job will automatically be placed in the “Accounts To Charge” section on the dashboard.

accounts to charge

Simply interact with FillQuick, and she will do the work for you keeping everything neat, organized and accessible.

Reach out to us and see if FillQuick is the right software to run your business and save you the headaches of running the backside of your alarm dealership.