Service History On Jobs That Previous Technicians Serviced

You get a phone call from a customer and they are having an issue with their alarm system. You need to schedule a technician. With our service ticketing system, you are able to schedule a technician within seconds. We recently added the feature to be able to upsell items on service tickets. Perhaps your customer wants an extra smoke detector and a keyfob now is a great time to secure the sale of these items over the phone.

After listening to dealer feedback, we decided to add yet another feature to the service ticketing system. Now, your technicians will be able to diagnose the issue your client is having before showing up to the job by seeing previous service history. No longer will your tech be surprised getting to the job. Perhaps a previous tech had to replace something in the customer’s house that is now causing a separate issue. No more blind sighting your technicians.

Thanks to the FillQuick community for making life as a security company and dealer great.

We look forward to serving you and you as a client of FillQuick.

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