Payroll Points Method Automatically Calculated When Paying Your Sales Representatives

We are excited to announce that FillQuick’s most requested feature is finally here!

FillQuick can now automatically calculate sales rep commissions for you. Best thing is that the commission calculator is actually a plugin, so if you do not like our default commission calculation rules, you can choose to  activate another plugin or ask us to develop a custom commission calculator plugin for you.

We enabled the “Point System Commission Calculator” plugin for all our customers. To start using it, you will need to create one or more “Seller pay scales” from
Configuration > Seller Pay Scales

seller payscale

For each pay scale, you will have to specify things like the starting commission for each monitoring plan, the credit score deductions, the number of points for each product, …etc

Next, you will need to go to each seller User Details page to specify his pay scale.

payscale highlight

Now, when you pay a seller on an account, FillQuick shows you a suggested invoice generated based on the rules. If needed, you can make any changes to this invoice before you click to create it.

payscale invoice calculator

We’re confident that you will enjoy using this new feature. If you have any feature suggestions, please email us at

Thank you!