Moni Integration With FillQuick Software CRM

Today is a very special day for FillQuick. We are excited to announce that we are now integrated with Moni!
Moni dealers can now do all the following tasks from within FillQuick without having to leave to another site.

  • Check if the customer is an existing Moni customer.
  • Run a credit check and share the credit report with Moni.
  • Pull the dispatch agencies from the Moni database.
  • Submit the account information to Moni to put the account online.

This video explains the process in details:

Setting Up the Integration

You can email us your Moni dealer number and your company name and we will do all the setup for you.
If you like to do it yourself, you can request your WSI username and password from Moni and enter them on
Configuration > Integration > Moni

Moni Integration Configuration

You will probably want to enable the “Hart – TransUnion” integration too so you can run credit checks and share the credit reports with Moni. You can do this by  following the steps explained in
Configuration > Integration > Hart – TransUnion > Read Me

Running a Credit and a Match Check

If you have Moni integration enabled, you will see a new checkbox in the run credit dialog.

Moni Credit Check

If you leave it checked, FillQuick will ask Moni if the information matches an existing Moni customer and you will get a warning if a match is found.

Getting the Dispatch Agencies and Putting the Account Online

On the customer General Info page, if you have the integration enabled, you will see a button on the top-right that says “Moni”. Clicking it will take you to a page where you can pull the dispatch agencies, enter some Moni-specific information and finally put the account online.

Moni Dispatch Agencies

Get Moni Dispatch Agencies

Alarmdotcom integration

We are confident that this new feature will save you time and make you more productive.