Alarm Technicians Can Now Book Time Off On The Calendar

We are proud to announce that your home security alarm technicians can now book time off and have it appear on the calendar.

Perhaps your tech is headed out on vacation and need to book time off. One way he can do this is by logging into his dashboard and clicking “My Time Off”

my time off

Book the time slot he wants off and write the reason. “Bahamas here we come”


The technician now shows as off on the calendar.

tech off on calendar

The second option is for the tech to call into the office and have the secretary do it for her. The process is very similar. On the secretaries sidebar click Technicians>Time Off

secretary tech time off

It’s just that simple. Why use a software that you have to fight when you can use FillQuick and get what you need to be done in just a few simple clicks.

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